From farm labourer to company founder and local councillor

From fatherless farm labourer to company founder and local councillor in Obernbreit - a Jewish success story
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Highlight at the end of the year

David Sanger, chief correspondent of the New York Times, visited the homeland of his ancestors. He is one of the best-known American journalists: he…

The "Golden Twenties" - A Dance on the Volcano

The trio Sousi and the Grammophoniker (vocals, sousaphone and accordion / ukulele) immersed the audience in the former synagogue in the Golden…

Different, But Not Foreign

The Träger- und Förderverein ehemalige Synagoge Obernbreit e.V. invited the devout Jew Alexander Shif to the former synagogue for a talk dedicated to…

An Unforgettable Concert in the Former Synagogue

If you didn't know that Trio Ardente derived its name from the Latin word for burning, you felt it right down to the tips of your hair at the…
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At the End of the Year - A Note to Our Supporters

Dear members, friends and supporters,the forced break and the restrictions are over. In 2022 we were again able to offer our normal program -…
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General assembly 2022

In the harmonious meeting, the chairman was able to report on numerous events of the year.

Against oblivion

Reason enough to remember the Jewish families of Obernbreit is the statement of a 70 year old Obernbreit resident: "What, Jews in Obernbreit in 1942?…

Beautiful was the time ...

Already the name Harald Kalamala was a guarantee that about 50 visitors poured into the former synagogue in Obernbreit. The audience included people…

Modern Art In Old Walls

For the second time the Träger- und Förderverein ehemalige Synagoge Obernbreit e.V. and Anton Kestel invited to an exhibition in the former synagogue.…