From farm labourer to company founder and local councillor

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From fatherless farm labourer to company founder and local councillor in Obernbreit - a Jewish success story

Aron was born in 1823, the seventh child of the merchant Moses Benario. As his father died at a very young age, Aron had to contribute to the family's upkeep as a farm labourer at the age of thirteen. He wrote about this period of his life: "I grew older and older in stupidity until I reached the age of eighteen."

Aron left behind a detailed autobiography which also provides interesting information about life in Obernbreit in the 18th century, in addition to personal details.

This historical document is presented in a feature read by members of the association. The text is illustrated by contemporary - partly AI-generated - and modern images and photos. The audience not only learns in detail how Aron built up his company with foresight and skill. Topics also include: the preparation, tendering and construction of the railway line from "halfway from Ochsenfurt to Gnötzheim and Herrnberchtheim", working hours and regulations when building houses, neighbour disputes and the municipal regulations in Obernbreit in the 19th century.

Location:        Ehemalige Synagoge Obernbreit, An der Synagoge 1 Obernbreit

Date:               Sunday, 21st July, 2024

Time:             7.30 PM

Free admittance.