General Information

The Association's Foundation

The Träger- und Förderverein ehemalige Synagoge Obernbreit e.V. was founded on 29th June 2005 with 18 persons. Founding members were also the market town of Obernbreit, the Protestant parish of Obernbreit and the Förderverein ehemalige Synagoge Kitzingen am Main e. V. Through the commitment of the members, the building could be transformed in ten years with great financial support from LEADER, the State Office for the Preservation of Historical Monuments and the market town of Obernbreit. The now approx. 100 members come not only from Obernbreit and the surrounding area, but even from abroad.

Purpose And Goals Of The Association

Since the acquisition of the former synagogue and its transformation into a place of remembrance and commemoration, the association has been organizing concerts, lectures and exhibitions - in addition to the ongoing maintenance of the building. This makes the former synagogue another cultural center of Obernbreit, besides the churches and the town hall. The association is committed to the remembrance and commemoration of Obernbreit's Jewish fellow citizens. There are contacts with their descendants in Israel, France and the USA (families Benario, Aaronheimer, Sänger, Rosenfeld).

The former synagogue should also be a forum for encounters. The association understands this as a mission to convey tolerance not only in theory, but also to make it tangible. In order to make children and young people aware of the dangers of racism and exclusion, it works as often as possible with schools and youth groups.